Bleach Alternative

A helpful perspective on being with those negative feelings.

Musings of a PsychoTherapist

Think of your pain, hurt, sorrow, and any other negative feelings as a small amount of bleach. Bleach alone is very powerful. I should know. It ate a hole through my favorite shirt.

Anyway, if I was more adept at laundry I would know that bleach’s power can be weakened with the proper amount of water. Add enough water and the solution dilutes so much so that only traces of bleach may be found.

You may ask what the heck am I talking about. Well, each time your negative feelings surface, if you sit with them, explore them, and even talk about them, it is like adding water to the bleach of negative feelings. At times it may only be a drop or two, other times more. But each time you confront your feelings instead of run, those feelings lose their strength. As time goes by, whatever triggers you may…

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