No, Part 2

A good reminder of the power we sometimes give to other people when we surrender to our fears.

Musings of a PsychoTherapist

Imagine yourself standing in the middle of a room, face to face with someone, anyone. You may know them well, or not at all. Imagine now taking one step back. As you do this, the other takes a step forward. You take another back, and another, while he/she continues to press forward. You look at this person with dismay, concern, maybe even fear. Yet, as you continue to step back, he/she continues to move forward until you find yourself out of space. You feel cramped, closed in, possibly violated, and compelled to lash out, as you are now literally backed into a corner. 

How dare that person violate your personal space?  The nerve!  But wait. Did you at any point communicate that violation?  Did you demand your personal space be respected?  Or did you simply hope that as you said nothing and quietly backed up, he/she would get the message…

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