Why, O Lord?

Why, O Lord, do you stand far off?
Why do you hide yourself in times
     of trouble?
Rise up, O Lord; O God, lift up
     your hand;
 do not forget the oppressed.
                         Psalm 10:1,12

When I look around
at this world,
so fractured and divided,
I am often discouraged
and often confused.
The strong oppress the weak
while the rich ignore the poor.
Violence supplants reason,
and fear overpowers love.
And all the while
the good and the true
are twisted by imitations
and slanted by lies.

I struggle
to see your hand at work,
but I am blinded
by your invisibility.
I strain
to hear your voice ring out
but I am deafened
by your silence.

Where are you, Lord?
Lord, where have you gone?
My longing for you,
grown stronger these days,
has made your absence
harder to accept and
more painful to endure.

Yet, in the depths of my anguish,
I do sense your quiet presence
and your presence too in
the anguish of all.

You are not making noise.
You are not making miracles
You are making love
by suffering with your own.
And in that reality
all will come to freedom;
in that truth,
all will come to peace.

by Dennis Ference

© 2000 Liguori Publications

Taken from Psalm Prayers for Seniors by Dennis Ference. Available from Liguori Publications, Amazon, Barnes and Noble, Itunes, and other ebook sources.

17 thoughts on “Why, O Lord?

  1. Oh Dennis. ..yes…There are times it would be easier to think that He is not here…but then we stop and realize that God did not create the pain and mayhem we see in the world…no! What He did create is free will, and forgiveness. One can only hope that we, as a people, begin to see the error of our ways so that we can get on with the business of love and forgiveness! Have a wonderful weekend Dennis! ❤

  2. Words fail me, but I’m grateful they didn’t fail you. “blinded by your invisibility”, “deafened by your silence”, “You are not making noise, You are not making miracles, You are making love…” – achingly beautiful – Thank you.

  3. I don’t buy
    the old man in the sky.
    I believe in harmony,
    peace, love, and compassion.
    I believe in a collective spirit;
    everything together is perfection.

    Your poem is very well done. Thank you.

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