Spiritual Ego-Trippin’

I eagerly surrender
to God, I declare,
the god of my
own invention.

I will boldly give service
to God, I assert,
when he nods to my
narrow intentions.

© 2014 Dennis Ference

8 thoughts on “Spiritual Ego-Trippin’

    • Probably a whole lot of reasons: who do we think God is? can we really trust Him? who do we think we are–a being totally on our own or a manifestation of the divine spark? have we experienced his trustworthiness before? do we understand how devious and strong our ego is? can we appreciate our fear of letting go of control? All of those for starters, I guess. They’ve all played a part in my efforts to surrender. How about for you? Thanks for the question. Peace. -Dennis

  1. “Thy will be done.” I have agonized more over these four little words more than any other spiritual concept! Even the “Trinity” is easier to grasp. I guess I have surrender issues.

    • Most of us who take spirituality seriously have struggled with these words. At such times I find myself needing to remember Jesus in the Garden sweating blood over those words. I also remember reading somewhere that the best most of us can do is to “want” to want to do God’s will and let God lead us the rest of the way. Peace and thanks for sharing.

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