Can You Hear That?

So, I walk into Walgreen’s on Super Senior Savings Day and notice the lady at a card table near  a sign that says, “Free Hearing Test.” The seat is empty across from her so I sit down, figuring this is my chance to prove to my wife that I do, indeed, have normal hearing despite the fact that I like the TV cranked up to double the volume she prefers.

Well, first I figure the lady’s testing machine has a short when I get long periods of silence between those soft beeps she’s feeding through the tiny buds she put in my ears. But when she shows me this graph with two lines in serious free fall below those high pitch tones I figure I should take advantage of her offer for a more thorough test at her office to see if maybe she has better equipment there.

Now, her fancy machine in her isolation booth apparently confirms that the old gray stallion ain’t what he used to be, and she offers me a free trial of a pair of top of the line, techno wonder aids that I just couldn’t refuse to try. So, we go through a custom fitting and adjustment session and I’m starting to think a hearing aid might be a good thing for me after all.

I come home and do a pirouette or two in front of my family, and because these things are so small, no one can even tell that I have them on. A few minutes later, I hear the sound of my granddaughter in the kitchen scratching an itch and I’m thinking: Wow, I’m like a robin hearing worms moving underground.

Then it hits me: Maybe those  words of inspiration that sometimes pop up in my head when I’m meditating will be a whole lot clearer and reliable now. How great would that be! So that evening I seek out a little privacy and begin my meditation thing. Usually I do about 20 to 30 minutes, but nothing much is happening, so I extend it for 10, 15, then 20 minutes more. Suddenly, my eyes shoot open and I look at myself in the mirror on the wall across from me and watch my spreading smile, realizing once again that grace and Spirit will never be the servants of humankind and technology. And, so be it.

© 2014 Dennis Ference

12 thoughts on “Can You Hear That?

  1. Oh, Dennis…isn’t that the truth! So the question is…will you keep them? And I just have to say the vision of your pirouettes brought a giant smile to my face this morning!! 🙂

    • Hi Lorrie! I was hit with the cold water of reality when I discovered that they were over $3000, warranted for only 3 years, and….my insurance didn’t cover them. Unfortunately, my body is falling apart in other places and I will probably have to get dentures within a year or so that will have to be the priority finance-wise. Too much information, eh? The experience gave me a fun story to write. Have a great day!

      • My mind is a cavernous hole that never gets enough information!!! 🙂 I know hearing aids are very expensive…and then it is usually a love-hate relationship when you do have them! I will put a little hint out to the universe that you could use both…who knows?

      • Although the story is based on a true happening, the degree of my hearing loss was a bit exaggerated for the fun of the story. However, your positive energy is always welcome. –Dennis

  2. Hee hee hee! I laughed at your thought of audible amplification of deep and wonderful thoughts. If it works out, I might buy one of those gadgets!

    • Hi Ann. Thanks for your kind comment. Just to let you know, my stuff at Amazon is not poetry. It’s booklets published by Liguori Publications containing original reflection/prayers for seniors. In another life I was a chaplain. I have been told by many that these reflections are appropriate for any adult reader. Have a great weekend. –Dennis

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