what if…

(Inspired by Roy Lichtenstein’s
painting, Crying Girl)

what if I could paint my life
into a comic strip

what if I could grow muscles
super-hero huge

what if I could banish my bald pate
with a lavish flurry of the brush

what if I could choose any age
to garnish this basic body

what if I could charge the heavens
to grant every wish and whim

what if I could slay all fears
with a single slice of the will

what if I could splice these neurons
to the wisdom of Solomon

what if I could seduce all comers
to admire or envy or maybe even love

what if I could paint my life
into a comic strip

would I still cry sometimes
would I still feel alone

© 2006 Dennis Ference

12 thoughts on “what if…

  1. Hi Dennis!
    What a beautiful poem! A silent message shouting out loud saying you will be your only companion even when you have what seems to be a perfect life.

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