Merging Traffic

I look down from the sky
at the loops and curls
of the freeway lacing up
the heart of the mighty city
and marvel at the ingenuity and
complexity of the human mind.
Yet thousands upon thousands
cannot weave daily through
this engineered maze without
adhering to a simple concept
and sign: “Merging Traffic.”

Now, at 70, “Merging Traffic” is,
for me, a symbol of Life’s larger
vision: a joining of the many
into One—the eager and new
with the tired and worn,
the smooth and efficient with
the sputtering and lame, the pure
and flawless with the sullied
and scarred.

Yes, I’ve traveled this way
for a long, long time
and have, at last, succumbed
to the lure of the One.
But like users of freeways
everywhere, I still often buck
and chafe at the state of things
and at all that merging traffic.

© 2014 Dennis Ference

23 thoughts on “Merging Traffic

  1. Reblogged this on Merging Traffic and commented:

    Since I have been a blogger for over a year now and have posted over 200 posts on Merging Traffic, I thought it might be a good time to reblog my first Merging Traffic post. Thanks to those readers who have followed all this time. Peace! ~Dennis

      • That’s for sure. I find it so affirming to see the guidance in how my blogging experience has evolved. I thank you for being part of my journey and I wish you peace and joy! ~Dennis

    • It’s been a far better experience than I had anticipated–an avenue for sharing and a source of learning and growth. Thanks for being a part of it all. Peace! ~Dennis

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